The Bell

PriceTenureReferenceLocationPosting date
£150,000.00 Leasehold 31007 HP22 5XA, Buckinghamshire Aylesbury 17-08-2017
31007 Ext   (2).jpg
31007 Ext   (2).jpg 31007 Int 1 .jpg 31007 Int 2 .jpg
31007 Int 5.jpg 31007 Int 7 .jpg 31007 Int 8  (1).jpg
0333 200 8788
Exceptional pub restaurant
Net sales approaching £600,000 p.a exc VAT
Through lounge bar, dining & restaurant, 70+
Extensive seating terrace & gardens, 100+
Current trade split 60% food to 40% wet
Excellent 3 bedroom owners accommodation
Sensible rent only 5% of net sales
Substantially free of tie

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