Swiss Cottage

PriceTenureReferenceLocationPosting date
£270,000.00 Freehold Unspecified 2 Grove Street PE2 9AG, Cambridgeshire Peterborough 03-12-2018
IMG_2023 EDIT.jpg
IMG_2023 EDIT.jpg IMG_2024.jpg 01f719c3157ba271940089d20525372199499068a2.jpg
019981a81972bd7d02615be21377cc783d86be103a.jpg 01d041d522ec058379e6bf81de87426c86161ef247.jpg 01d36dbb259bb303ecd7648a6a33e25c3d090b325f.jpg
  • Freehold sale with benefit of vacant posession
  • Wet-led community local within walking distance of city centre
  • Large function room with dedicated bar
  • Patio trade garden with tables providing c. 24 covers
  • Three bedroom private acocmmodation
  • EPC Rating: E (106)

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