Busy Roadside Public House

PriceTenureReferenceLocationPosting date
Unspecified Tenancy 4739 Hampshire 09-01-2019
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Situated right on the edge of the Duke of Wellington’s estate and on the A33 linking the M3 and the M4. From the outside it looks like a small roadside pub, but on entering, its true size becomes apparent. It is a key dining establishment in a very busy area. Five bedroom accommodation.

Initial Investment £30,000 - £75,000


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Dorset Wareham: Weld Arms, East Lulworth, Wareham

Dorset Wareham: Weld Arms, East Lulworth, Wareham

£50,000.00 - Leasehold

DescriptionLounge bar (30 covers). Dining area (26). Snug room (14). Ground floor catering kitchen. Satellite bar...